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Cacao Fine Chocolates – Easter Egg Masterclass


Cacao Fine Chocolates & Patisserie

Address: 52 Fitzroy St, St Kilda 3182
Phone: 03 8598 9555
Website: http://www.cacao.com.au
Twitter: @Cacaofinechoc
Facebook: here

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Easter is just around the corner, and it means that there will be a large consumption of Easter eggs and bunnies. I have no clue how much Easter eggs I’ve eaten in my life time, but I certainly get excited when I receive chocolate eggs! <3

Some of us bloggers (Even my friends Lianne@FoodMadewithLove and Daisy @Nevertoosweet) were really lucky to be invited by the lovely Julia from Tink PR to learn the art of Easter Egg making from Tim Clark, an acclaimed Pastry Chef/Chocolatier and co-owner of Cacao Fine Chocolates.

Upon arrival Julia asked whether I wanted a cup of hot chocolate. Being thirsty and having a love for hot chocolate, there was no way that I could refuse the offer.
The hot chocolate was definitely a cup of liquid gold. The hot chocolate was really rich and creamy. Loved it.

Whilst drinking my hot chocolate, Miss SL @Brunch Addict (Yay! Finally got to meet her! :)) and I ended up having quite a discussion about the best hot chocolates in Melbourne. We then ended up having a discussion with Daisy @Never Too Sweet for Me about how to DIY your own Hot Chocolate.


Shortly after, we were served some great canapé, before we had our masterclass.
I ended up nibbling on one of the savoury tarts, but didn’t eat much later as I was too busy chatting with the other bloggers there!
However I have to say, the canapés looks beautiful.


Once everyone arrived, we were taken to the kitchen where Tim Clark showed us how to make a Chocolate Easter Egg.

Check out a video I created of our Easter Egg Masterclass:
Video content:
> Tempering Chocolate
> Moulding Easter Egg Shells
> Salted Caramel Chocolate Balls
> Assembling the Easter Egg

The final product: Salted Caramel Easter Egg

Look how cute the packaging is?! :)


I definitely had a great time learning how to make an Easter egg from Tim Clark.
Whilst I don’t think I could ever replicate it at home, I have definitely learned how to appreciate the craft of hand making the Easter Eggs.

I strongly recommend everyone to go check out Cacao Fine Chocolates, as they have the most delicious chocolates and macarons. Yes, Julia kept tempting us by bring us little chocolate treats and macarons! I had to endure the torture and required a high sense of self control to resist myself from taking more! haha

Disclaimer: Peach-Water.com attended the Easter Egg Masterclass as a guest of Cacao Fine Chocolates and Tink PR.


  1. awesome video my dear! it was definitely such a fun class! hehe I actually havent indulges in my egg yet! think I will wait for Easter! hehe Beautiful photos as usual! xx

    • Lianne!

      Hehehe, awww thank you! I don’t do videos often, so receiving that compliment is nice :D

      Yes – it’s sucha fun class but, don’t think I could ever replicate :(

      Cant wait to see your post though :)


  2. Miss SL says

    Great write up Peach! Also, great idea with the video! Your heavy, sexy camera did a wonderful job as always ;)
    Miss SL xxx

    • Hey Miss SL!

      Aww thanks! I’m glad you like the video. I don’t do video editing much because it’s so time consuming but it was fun :)

      And yes, my trust sexy camera ;)

      Cant wait for your review :)


  3. Great video :) I didn’t know you actually took a video of the whole process :) I thought it was just a few snippits here and there but I think it’s a great idea and it really helps readers understand how to make easter eggs and hahaha to appreciate them a lot more like I do now :D

    • Daisy!

      Hehee thank you!~ yeah I was filming the whole time :P

      Definitely a great class, and special for you coz you’re the sweet queen! hehee


    • Ms I Hua,

      Hehehe Thanks :), Yup – definitely a lot of time and effort needed to make chocolate easter eggs!
      I probably will never make my own, but buy them myself :P


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