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Burch & Purchese Sweet Studio


Address: 647 Chapel Street, South Yarra, VIC 3141
03 9827 7060
Cuisine: Desserts/Ice Cream
Opening Hours: Tuesday – Sunday: 10AM – 6.30PM
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Darren Purchese: “Is there anything I can help you with?”
Peach Water: *looks back at him blankly* *BRAIN: OH EM GEE OH EM GEE It’s Darren Purchese* “I saw you on tv the other day!!!”
Darren Purchese: *chuckles* “Yes I was trying to put on my serious face :D”

And that was the start to my awesome experience to Burch & Purchese. Well, ok.. it’s not my first time at Burch & Purchese. I remembered back last year when I visited Burch & Purchese Sweet Studio to get some nice goodies for a care package to someone who is very dear to me, and I was intrigued by the creations.

This time I managed to get some dessert for myself, as I was in South Yarra for breakfast at Two Birds One Stone and also Lux Bite, and I figured it wouldn’t hurt if I spoiled myself at Burch & Purchese Sweet Studio.

Explosive Milk Chocolate & Raspberry: Milk Chocolate & Raspberry Mousse / Exaggerated Rasp Cream / Milk Chocolate Sacher Sponge / Fresh Raspberry compote / chocolate royal biscuit / raspberry marshmallow / Chocolate coated pop rocks / mirror chocolate glaze

Ok, I bought this dessert primarily on the looks and the name of the dessert. I didn’t even look at the description until now whilst I’m writing up this blog entry.

I started tackling this dessert by plucking the little raspberry marshmellow off the top of the dessert. Wow. It was so light that it pretty much dissolved in my mouth.

First scoop of the Milk Chocolate & Raspberry Mousse, was definitely a good kicker to the dessert. The mousse is very airy and light, and wasn’t overly rich. Together with the mousse you have the Chocolate coated pop rocks. I love pop rocks! It causes mini explosions in your mouth and it’s just a great start to your awesome dessert.

After finishing the mousse, I then reach a new layer of the dessert. The chocolate royal biscuit. It’s very fine crumb of chocolate royal biscuit, and the texture of the biscuit is like soil/sand. Once again, it wasn’t rich and complemented the mousse.

The next and final layer of the dessert is the Fresh Raspberry Compote, which is a really refreshing raspberry compote. The compote is quite tangy in taste but it’s perfect after you’ve gone through two layers of the different textured chocolate elements of the dessert.

By the time I finished eating it, I felt like I was in heaven… floating!

White chocolate coated salted caramel cake pop:  Whilst I was looking at the different cake pops, I was told by the girl who worked there, that I HAVE to get the salted caramel pop. I said to her I’m not very keen on caramel (I actually dislike eating caramel), and she told me to trust her. So I did…
So when I was playing some games that evening I was eating the salted caramel pop cake and it was great. The white chocolate is definitely good quality, as a lot of white chocolate that I’ve had in the past are quite grainy, and the caramel was disgusting sweet or even tasted like the caramel that I hate. Also the little red heart just made it extra special <3

If you’re in South Yarra, I highly recommend that you visit the place. There’s so many wicked desserts there, and whilst they sound strange, they are to die for!


  1. Haha I totally understand your mental blank moment; when the four 3-hatted chefs came onto masterchef, I was fangirling so loudly my sister thought I had hurt myself :p Also, those photos are sensational, that is all.

    • Hey Ming,

      <3 Thank you very much for your kind words re: photos! :)

      Hahaha, Yeah it’s a total fan girl moment, when you just stand there not knowing what to say! Star struck! :D

      Peach Water

    • Hey Penny,
      Thanks for visiting :)

      Yeah – definitely revisit just for the exploding chocolate and raspberry! It’s the best I reckon :)

      Peach Water

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