2013 Melbourne Food and Wine Festival – Express Lunch – @ Bistro Vue

Bistro Vue

Address: 430 Little Collins St, Melbourne, VIC 3000
Phone: 03 9691 3838
Twitter: @BistroVue
Facebook: N/A

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Foodie Partner: Audrey

Every year I look forward to the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival and more so the Restaurant Express part of the festival. Why? Well some of the city’s best restaurants offer two courses, a glass of Victorian wine, tea or coffee for just $40! Which I personally believe is great value for money.
See 2012′s post here.

Back before the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival had even started, Audrey and I went through the list of the venues that were participating, and we happened to see Bistro Vue, which is a venue we both are keen to try, or in Audrey’s case, haven’t visited before!
Bistro Vue has always been on my list to try, and for the past three years I’ve been pushing it back, or just never find the chance to go.

I was running a bit late, but only to be told by Audrey that the first seating were still going. I arrived 10 minutes later, and still found everyone who were waiting for the second seating standing there.
Finally after 5 minutes, one of the waitresses came out to take us into the dining area.

In general, the food and drink selection during the Melbourne Food and Wine festival is limited, with very little room for choices.
For the drinks, there are two choices:
1. 2009 Castagna, ‘Adam’s Rib’ Shiraz Nebbiolo, Beechworth, VIC
2. 2008 Castagna, ‘Adam’s Rib’ Chardonnay, Beechworth, VIC

Both Audrey and I chose the chardonnay. No matter how much I try to learn to like red wine, I never liked it. I guess I’m more of a white wine person.
This chardonnay has a slightly sharp taste, but fruity. I quite like it.


To start off with we were given bread and butter. The bread was very soft, fluffy and moist.
To accompany the bread was a lovely creamy butter and pink sea salt (not sure where from). Audrey found the butter to very creamy and told me that I HAD to use up all the butter because it’s so good and big waste. Thern, if you’re reading this, I hope you’re very proud of me! :P
I’m usually not the one who would eat much butter, and if I did, it would be very sparingly. However this time round, I used almost half the portion of butter on a very small piece of bread to finish it up! haha.


For the express lunch, there was no choice at all in terms of the food. Only one item for entree; main and dessert.
So, Audrey and I strategically chose entree and dessert to share, and a main each.

Entree: Citrus cured mackerel, avocado, pickled onion.
I love the delicate presentation of this entree dish. The baby onion with small amount of avocado puree and a baby olive to top it. It somewhat reminds me of gum nuts!
The onions were slightly pickled, not overly acidic and slightly sweetish. The olives were perfect in taste, and not overly salty. I’ve always had difficulty eating olives because they end up to be really salty. But this was perfect. :)

The mackerel were very thinly sliced and citrus cured. It wasn’t overpowering in citrus taste and was rather refreshing for the palate. The mackerel was also topped with black roe. Sorry not sure what black roe though :(

Audrey and I also ordered a side of pomme frites. Both of us pretty much agreed straight away because we both love potatoes “If it’s potato anything, I’m happy!”
The pomme frites were cooked to perfection. Arrived burning hot, it’s crispy on the outside yet nice and floury inside. noms! We failed to finish the whole plate though. We were so full!



Oh! our main was amazing. Rôtisserie pork was amazing and cooked to perfection.
A very generous serving of pork with a nice layer of fat (which we both didn’t eat, but is needed for the pork to be moist) and a very crunchy crackling – I swear my tooth felt like it was going to crack! haha!
Under the three pieces of yummy pork, was a bed of sauté potatoes (pommes sautées), which were nice and crisp, and roast eggplant (one of my favourite vegetable!).
There was also some onion relish, but, I’m not sure what happened to the apple? :(


Once our mains were cleared off our table, the waiter asked us whether we wanted tea or coffee. Audrey opted out, whilst I went for English Breakfast Tea (sorry not pictured – but you can check out the photo on my instagram account here).
The dessert was a chocolate and spiced pear clafoutis served with ice cream.
Audrey and I found the chocolate clafoutis to be rather dry, but with the spiced pear and vanilla icecream it gave it the moisture it needed. We both struggled to finish it as we were pretty much full.


What I found weird was that our neighbouring tables all received a plate of petit fours, however we didn’t. Not too sure why, but didn’t ask only because we were so full and it would have been a waste.

1. Slight wait at the beginning, otherwise a very professional yet friendly service.
2. Food was great value for money, but the best dish would be the main. The pork was amazing!