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Bendigo Street Milk Bar

Hot Chocolate

Bendigo Street Milk Bar

Address: 37 Bendigo St, Burnley, VIC
Phone: 03 9428 4196
Website: N/A
Twitter: @bendigostmb
Facebook: here

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Foodie Partners: Lianne 

Is this the next new Melbourne trend? transforming milk bars into cafes? like Gardiner and Field? Recently I was contacted by 360 Immerse Agency asking whether I was interested in visiting Bendigo St. Milkbar.
Of course I was more than happy to try it, so last weekend I took my good friend and food blogger Lianne with me to try out Bendigo St. Milk Bar.

When we arrived, I looked at the surroundings to find that it looked nothing like the typical milk bar that I’m used to. It’s in actual fact a very spacious, with a cabinet filled with pastry, sandwhich goods and an area for you to dine in. The seating at Bendigo St. Milk bar is very spacious with two rooms available for seating. As Lianne and I were about to take a seat, a waitress told us that there’s a courtyard and whether or not we would like to sit in the courtyard. It was a very beautiful hot summery day, so we took up the suggestion. The courtyard in which we sat in is a very casual looking area, and it really gives you that homey backyard feeling.

The good thing with having Lianne as a foodie partner is that our tastebuds are quite similar in terms of sweetness and we enjoy similar foods, meaning that selecting things to try was super easy!
We started off with drinks, where Lianne ordered a Hot Chai Soy Latte, whilst I ordered a Hot Chocolate (No surprise here – But I should really cut down on sugary drinks now! From the Lips to the Hips!)

I’m not a fan of chai, so I didn’t try it, but from what Lianne told me, the Chai Soy Latte was unfortunately very weak and not much of a chai taste to it.

My hot chocolate, sadly the first time round was so sweet that even for someone like me who is quite tolerable with extra sweetness, could simply not drink it any further. So I kindly asked the waitress to add extra milk to dilute the sweetness of the hot chocolate. The waitress came back shortly after with a cup which I believe was re-made. Sadly the hot chocolate tasted like hot milk. It was very disappointing :(

Hot Chocolate

Thankfully, the food was amazing given our disappointing drinks.
Both Lianne and I had trouble choosing our dishes as a lot of the dishes sounded very appealing to us. The waitress came by and sat down and helped us choose our dishes, and we ended up choosing the dishes that we had our heart set on in the first place :P

As I have a great love for mushrooms and poached eggs, I ended up choosing their ‘Mushroom’ dish which consisted of lemon, garlic and herb marinated field mushrooms, poached eggs, rocket with creamy goats cheese, which is served on a toasted ciabatta bread.
First off the mushrooms – It has a slight lemony taste with a subtle taste of mixed herbs. I’m glad that the flavours were not overpowering, just the way I like my mushrooms. The sizes of the field mushrooms were huge and it definitely satisfied my cravings for mushrooms! Nomnom! <3
Poached Eggs – As you can see in the shot below, the eggs were poached beautifully, and my favourite part of eating poached eggs are always cutting into the egg and the egg yolk oozing out! :D
Rocket & creamy goats cheese: The added goats cheese gave the rocket a creamy taste and along with salad dressing it gave the salad a lovely tangy taste. It was a great salad.
The Ciabatta bread, it was a fine piece of bread, it was toasted and the the bread was fluffy and full of nutty flavour from the seeds that covered the bread! Lianne also commented how much she liked it too :)

Lianne, made an excellent choice with the corn fritters, poached eggs and rocket.
I tried a bit of Lianne’s corn fritters and they were great. The sweetness of the corn transcends through the whole fritter making it very yummy. The addition of the avocado salsa definitely heighten the flavour by giving it a tangy taste.
Lianne’s rocket however was different to mine, where the opted for a tangy dressing rather than using goats cheese.
Also, don’t you think the way Lianne’s way of cutting into the poached eggs looks better than mine? Her’s looks so effortless and free flowing, whereas mine, looks rather pac man-ish LOL

For a more comprehensive review of Lianne’s corn fritters, you can visit her blog: 

After we finished our brunch, we moved back inside (was getting hot), and sat inside to order something sweet to try.

Both Lianne and I were quite full from our brunch, so we decided to share a slice of Lemon drizzle cake.
The cake was a nice tangy cake, and if you’re a fan of lemon flavoured sweets, this cake would be recommended to you.
Both Lianne and I found the cake to be on the sweet side, so we ate the cake but left the icing untouched.
The cake was moist towards the middle of the cake where they poured the lemon sauce on the top, but as you get closer to the edge of the cake, it did feel a little dry. Also I did find the edge of the cake to be slightly burned.
Having said that I did enjoy the cake :)

Overall Lianne and I enjoyed our time at Bendigo St. Milk bar. Whilst the hot chocolate and chai was a disappointment, I found both the mushroom and the corn fritter dishes to be enjoyable. We also ended our meal on a tangy and sweet note.

Disclaimer: I was invited by 360 Immerse Agency to visit as a guest to Bendigo Street Milk Bar. I invited Lianne as my guest.


    • Hi Ms I-Hua,
      Hahaha, I no drink coffee, otherwise I will never sleep! :P
      Yes, Lianne’s eggporn shot is much better than mine. Mine just looks like pacman ;P


  1. Mmm that food looks good! I got an invite to try bendigo street milk bar as well so I’m looking forward to it! Might take chris there for quick little birthday brunch haha :)

    • Ming Twinnie! Hahahaha
      Hope you’ve been well :)
      Ahhh yeah – you should give it a go for the food :) And yeah good place for a quick brunch, there’s heaps of place to sit :D and less crowded too!

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