Brunch / Breakfast

Axil Coffee Roasters

Axil Coffee Roaster

Address: 322 Burwood Rd, Hawthorn, VIC 3132
Phone: 03 9819 0091
Twitter: @axilcoffee
Facebook: here

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After a long and stressful week I really wanted to go for a drive, chill out and have a cup of coffee with some brunch whilst I read the newest web designer magazine on my ipad.
And that’s what I did – at Axil Coffee Roaster. I had an entire table to myself at the back of their very big building. Very large open space area, and a sleek & chick design of the interior. My sort of style.

The moment I sat down the waiter asked me whether I wanted something to drink. Without much though I said: “Soy Latte please!”
I guess I have finally weened off my hot chocolate habit, so now all I really order is coffee, and by coffee I mean soy latte.
The soy latte was very creamy and smooth. I usually drink my coffee without sugar, as I find the sweetness from the soy milk is enough for me!

The corn fritters here at Axil Coffee Roaster’s are the best corn fritters I’ve had to date. The sweetness and juiciness of the corn, the lightness of the batter and the generous of serving of  creamy avocado is why I consider it the best tasting corn fritters I’ve ever had. The best part eating this dish is cutting into the poach egg and having the egg yolk ooze into the corn fritter adding extra creaminess to the dish. Also the light and refreshing salsa gave it that extra kick!

Axil Coffee Roaster’s is very busy on the weekend, yet the service is still friendly and efficient.
If you’re out in the east and looking for a great cafe, Axil Coffee Roasters is definitely the place to go!