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Eat Fit Food | Cleanse program | Day 4


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On Thursday, I woke up feeling exhausted from lack of sleep and most likely from my reformer pilates and boxing class on Wednesday. However I pushed on, and attended the 7.15AM fitness circuit (HIIT class). After class I was feeling extremely hungry, so I decided to grab a cacao smoothie before meeting up with my career coach to plan and create goals for 2017.

After the meeting, I was feeling hungry again. Luckily I had my Thursday Eat Fit Food meals waiting for me. Thursday’s breakfast was different with Free Range Omelette, with baby spinach, tomato, herbs & gluten free toast. Love love the omelette – I love my eggs so this was a real treat for me!


A few hours later it was time for lunch.I was feeling peckish and didn’t have the appetite but decided to eat to replenish my low energy level. For lunch it was a super healthy pumpkin & vegan cheese gratin with sage, roasted garlic and silver beet. The pumpkin was soft and I love the vegan cheese, however there was a bit too much garlic for my liking.


After work I went back to the gym to meet up with my PT to have a program written up for the next four weeks and going through the routine to ensure I knew how to do each exercise properly. Once I arrived home I was SUPER hungry so I was looking forward to dinner. For dinner it was Butter chicken with sweet potato, broccoli, brown rice and cucumber raita. Wow! What an amazing dinner. I love how healthy Eat Fit Food had made the butter chicken with a whole fillet of chicken breast and plenty of vegetables.

For dessert I had the lemon, ginger and tahini protein balls that was meant for morning tea.  The protein balls were great for curbing my sugar cravings – I love the citrusy and ginger notes in the protein ball.


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